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Areas of Expertise


Our Law Office specializes in all kinds of commercial transactions, legal disputes, mergers and acquisitions of companies with domestic and foreign partners. Our company is one of the services provided by our office; necessary arrangements are made, necessary changes to be made on them, follow-up of general assembly processes, capital increases and reductions and measures related to unfair competition take place.

In the framework of the renewed Turkish Commercial Code and other legal regulations, it is aimed that the companies which are our clients are legally informed and the companies which are our clients are affected by the changes in this law in the least way and continue their activities.

In certain periods, all the companies that are our clients are informed about the case and execution follow-up files and information is given through one-to-one meetings.


In the scope of the consultancy services given to the clients in the scope of the contracts given to our client, the arrangement of the company contracts, revising the existing contracts, making the legal assessment by our office before the signing process of the contracts and determining the items that may be against our clients in the contracts to be signed.

All of the contracts and protocols that are prepared by us are prepared and revised in accordance with applicable laws. Contracts requested to be edited; Our clients are sent to our office lawyers via e-mail.


The follow-up of the legal process required for the protection of our clients’ trademarks, patents, industrial designs, useful models and all other intellectual assets is carried out by our office.

In this field, in particular, the protection of our clients’ trademarks and patents against third parties and in case of brand / patent infringement of third parties, the solution of legal disputes and the suspension of existing unjustified uses, and the litigation proceedings are followed by us on behalf of our clients.

Besides; In the framework of the general rules of competition, we provide services to follow up the cases of unfair competition in all areas of unfair competition in the face of deceptive and unfair commercial practices and actions, as well as the follow-up of cases of compensation for competition violations.


The services related to regulation of employment contracts, recruitment and dismissal processes together with the client companies, legal consultancy on occupational safety and follow up of cases in the field of labor and social security law are provided.

Consultancy on criminal and legal aspects of occupational accidents, minutes of termination of employment contracts, notice of termination and arrangement of warnings are also made by our office.


Along with the developing technology, legal problems and crimes in the field of informatics are increasing. We provide legal support to our clients regarding the solution of the criminal and legal problems in the information systems.


Arman Law Firm provides legal advice to domestic and foreign companies, organizations and investors. In addition to domestic and foreign company establishment transactions, domestic and foreign distributorship, liaison office, agency establishment procedures are followed. In order to provide comprehensive and solution-oriented consultancy services that can support the national and international business decisions of companies, legislation is followed in a wide range of areas including tax, free zone and capital market related to corporate law.


The resolution of all kinds of disputes related to administrative disputes and tax law is carried out by our office, in particular with regard to tax penalties and lawsuits related to the cancellation of these cases, customs legislation and other administrative penalties and administrative proceedings.


Our office provides legal support to banks and financial institutions and their clients who continue their activities together with these institutions.

In this area; The necessary services for all mortgage contracts, assignment of receivables, finance and banking institutions are provided by our office, and consultancy is provided in legal areas related to Capital Market Transactions, Individual Financial Transactions, and private banking.